3 steps to convince the bank to grant you a loan

Whenever applying for a loan, it can not be approved immediately. If banking institutions did that, they would finish up lending money to everybody, even if they don’t have enough way to pay it back. That is why financial institutions should spend some time analyzing their user profile and other factors, in order to determine whether you represent the risk or not.

In the last two years, the delinquency of Colombians has increased, that has caused banks, cooperatives as well as other financial institutions to take greater safety measures before granting a loan plus, consequently, the rejection price increased.

Yet rest assured, this does not imply that accessing a loan is not possible. If you want to increase your chances of received it, pay attention to these three tips:


Estimate how much you can pay and ask for an appropriate amount

Calculate how much you can pay and request an appropriate amount

In case you ask for more than you can come back just “for trying”, the lender will verify that it is an extremely large amount for you. Ideally, you understand how much money you have left to pay for the bank and, accordingly, choose an acceptable and less dangerous amount.


Review your credit rating and justify the “ reds”

Review your credit history and justify the “reds”

Obtain the required information from risk facilities such as Datacré dito plus know how your rating can be. Check your history and if you might have arrears, try to find a way to clarify and correct them.


Find out about what a credit indicates

credit loan

Although he will not believe it, the banking institutions evaluate the client’s knowledge of the particular loan he is requesting; which is, what it means that the payments are usually monthly, the insurances incorporated, the interest rate, etc . Requesting about all that and displaying that you have some knowledge can add points, as it can make you look like a person who has its own financial knowledge.

Finally, remember that it is important to possess the papers in order, to assist in the process and, of course , to have the true information, without exaggeration or lying. Also, remember that if you want to compare the options and know where the greatest loan is, you can use Sally White.